Friday, 4 September 2015

Physiotheraphy Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. You are likely to see a physio to recover from?
A. Depression
B. Illness
C. Injury
D. Drug abuse
Ans: C

22. What is the abbreviation used to describe treatment of an exercise injury?
Ans: B

23. What treatment should you NOT use immediately after an injury, such as an ankle sprain?
A. Rest
B. Ice
C. Compression
D. Heat
Ans: D

24. Which of these is a common injury of the back?
A. Slipped disc
B. Dislocation
C. Tennis elbow
D. Cruciate ligament
Ans: A

25. Which of these is NOT a common injury of the shoulder?
A. Frozen shoulder
B. Dislocation
C. Rotator cuff injury
D. Runners knee
Ans: D

26. Which of the following is a common injury of the hand and wrist?
A. Osgood schlatters
B. Sprained thumb
C. Slipped disc
D. Hernia
Ans: B

27. Which of these is NOT a common knee injury?
A. Cruciate ligament
B. Runners knee
C. Hernia
D. Torn cartilage
Ans: C

28. Injuries to the lower leg can include?
A. Shin splints
B. Calf strain
C. Broken leg
D. All of the above
Ans: D

29. If you wake up in the morning and your neck hurts, what are you likely to have?
A. Stiff neck
B. Dislocated neck
C. Broken neck
D. None of the above
Ans: A

30. Injuries to muscles are known as tears or ______?
A. Sprains
B. Strains
C. Breaks
D. Cracks
Ans: B

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