Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Wimax Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Which is the QoS class (or Scheduling Service Type) added in 802.16e-2005 and not included in the previous version 802.16-2004?
A rtPS: Real Time Polling Service
B BE: Best Effort
C nrtPS: Non Real Time Polling Service
D UGS: Unsolicited Grant Service
E ertPS: Extended Real Time Polling Service
Ans:  E

42. How is called the procedure which consist of sending BW request rather data in a BW grant?
A Broadcast Polling
B Unicast Polling
C Multicast Polling
D Bandwidth Stealing
Ans:  D

43. Which of these permutation modes are part of the Distributed Permutation family?
Ans:  A,B,D

44. Who can request a burst profile change?
A Only the SS
B Only the BS
C Both the SS and BS
Ans:  C

45. Which is the narrowband fading channel model without LOS path?
A Rayleigh Fading
B Rice Fading
C Nagakamy m-Fading with m=1
Ans:  A, C

46. The Doppler spread fD:
A is inversely related with the Delay Spread
B is inversely related with the Channel Coherence Time Tc
C doesn't depend by the speed between the transmitter and receiver
Ans:  B

47. Which ASN profile doesn't define any specific location of the ASN functions?
A Profile A
B Profile B
C Profile C
D Profile D
Ans:  B

48. How can be understood whether a MAC frame is transporting user data or a MAC management message?
A By the header
B By the payload
C By the CID
D By all the above parameters
Ans: D

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