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Most Recently Asked vmware Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41.What the packaging format used by the VMware ESXi Image Builder?
A. .rar
B. .zip
C. .iso
Ans: C

42.What are the three default roles provided on an ESXi host?
A. No Access, Read Only and Administrator
B. Read only, Operator Access and Administrator
C. Virtual Machine User, Virtual Machine Power User and Administrator
D. Network Consumer, Datastore Consumer and Resource Pool Administrator
Ans: A

43.Which of the following is a requirement for vCenter?
A. A Static IP address
B. A DHCP IP address
C. A valid (internal) domain name system (DNS) registration.
Ans: C

44.Which two users are assigned the Administrator role at the ESX Server level by default?
A. root, administrator
B. root, vpxuser
C. root, vpxa
D. root, hostd
Ans: B

45.After an upgrade from ESXi4.0 to ESXi5.0 you are unable to putty to your hosts. What could have caused this?
A. SSH configuration is not migrated for ESX 4.x hosts or ESXi 4.0 hosts. For these hosts, SSH access is disabled during the upgrade or migration process
B. SSH is not available with ESXi 5.0, it is only available with ESX 5.0.
C. SSH is always disabled after an upgrade or clean installation.
D. The SSH port in ESXi 5.0 has changed to 443 for added security.
Ans: A

46.What are the three Host Isolation Response options available on an HA Cluster?
A. Shut down, Power off, Leave powered on
B. Shut down, Power off, Leave powered off
C. Shut down, Restart, Leave powered on
D. Shut down, Restart, power on
Ans: B

47.You boss has asked you deploy 40 ESXi hosts as quickly as possible, which is the recommended install method to use in this situation?
A. Interactive Installation
B. Scripted Installation
C. VMware Auto Deploy Installation
D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager
Ans: D

48.Distributed Power Management (DPM) requires which technology to be available on the NIC?
A. Wake On LAN (WOL)
Ans: A

49.The organisation you work for is currently running vSphere 4.1 U1. Your team have just created a new Test/Dev environment based on vSphere 5. The VM management team have asked if you could combine the current 4.1 U1 environment and 5.0 vCenters with Linked-Mode. What is the correct response to the VM management team?
A. vCenter 4.1 and vCenter cannot be joined with Linked-Mode
B. Additional licensing is required to use Linked-Mode
C. Only vCenter Administrators can use Linked-Mode
D. No problem
Ans: D

50.Which of the following is not a benefit of VMware Auto Deploy?
A. Decouples the VMware ESXi host from the physical server and eliminates the boot disk
B. Eliminates configuration drift
C. Simplifies patching and updating
D. Accelerates deployment of virtual machi

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