Thursday, 3 September 2015

Most Recently Asked MultiMedia Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. represents_________ tool
(a) Card Based
(b) Page Based
(c) Time Based
(d) Icon Based
(e) Event Driven.
Ans: C

42. Space between lines:
(a) Leading
(b) Kerning
(c) Extrude
(d) Expanded
(e) Font Mapping.
Ans: A

43. The visual representation of a project that includes a table of contents as well as a chart of the logical flow of the interactive interface is often called 
(a) A master layout
(b) A navigation map
(c) A workflow diagram
(d) A prototype
(e) A synthesizer.
Ans: B

44. ITC Franklin Gothic specifies:
(a) Style
(b) Visual Effect
(c) Color
(d) Font
(e) Dimension.
Ans: D

45. Hardware that creates sound from a mathematical representation 
(a) Sound Synthesizer
(b) Stampers
(c) Speaker
(d) Sons
(e) Set top box.
Ans: A

46. If the definition for "multimedia" is "a combination of media," what is the best definition for "hypermedia?"
a. Separate media
b. Linked concepts
c. Separate concepts
d. Linked media
Ans: D

47. A good example of hypermedia in actual use is:
a. The Internet.
b. Level I videodisc.
c. Videotape.
d. Audiotape.
Ans: A

48. What is a major benefit of using multimedia/hypermedia in learning?
a. It makes it possible for students to understand how they learn.
b. It prepares many students for careers in film and theater.
c. It allows students a variety of ways to show their abilities.
d. It increases motivation for learning.
Ans: D

49. Research on multimedia and hypermedia systems in education suggests that:
a. Students learn just as well when they explanations verbally rather than through multiple media format.
b. Students have greater comprehension when reading words rather than hearing words.
c. A primary advantage of hypermedia is the rapid search capability.
d. Learning style has an effect on whether hypermedia features are effective.
Ans: C

50. Interactive books include:
a. Instructional games
b. Interactive storybooks
c. Interactive texts
d. Both interactive storybooks and texts
Ans: D

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