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Most Recently Asked ADO.Net Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. You are using Visual Studio .NET to create an ASP.NET application that will serve as a Web service. You are preparing to debug the Web service, and you need to enable debugging in theWeb.config file. 
Which of the following represents the proper format for enabling debugging in your Web service through the Web.config file
A. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB">
B. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB">
C. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB"
D. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB"
E. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB">
F. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB">
G. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB"
H. <compilation defaultLanguage="VB"
Ans: D

42. You are creating a Web service that will include a Web method. You want the method to return its data to the caller as it is created and put into a serial stream, rather than waiting for all of the data to be prepared before returning it. Which of the following WebMethod attributes should you set to enable this
A. <WebMethod(EnableSession:=True)>
B. <WebMethod(BufferResponse:=False)>
C. <WebMethod(EnableSession:=False)>
Ans: B

43. The XSLT processor copies the elements of the stylesheet until it finds a command in the format:
B. {item, action}.
C. {for-each select}.
D. <HTML>...<\HTML>.
Answer:  B

44.. What standard, protocol or language was generalized to become a standard protocol for sending messages of any type, using any protocol?
Answer: A

45. Which of the following statements is not true about XML Schemas:
A. They are used to define the content and structure of data.
B. They define a set of symbols and the relationships of those symbols.
C. They are themselves XML documents.
D. They have their own syntax.
Answer: D

46. The most popular way to materialize XML documents is to use:
Answer: B

47. With XML:
A. views are not limited to one multi-valued path only.
B. documents can automatically be generated from database data only.
C. database data can automatically be extracted from XML documents only.
D. With XML, all of the above are true.
Answer: D

48. To eliminate definition duplication, XML Schemas define:
A. an intersection table.
B. global elements.
C. a normalized definition table.
D. None of the above is correct.
Answer: B

48. What is not true about SOAP?
A. SOAP originally meant Simple Object Access Protocol.
B. SOAP was defined as an XML-based standard for providing remote procedure calls over the Internet.
C. SOAP now is just a name, not an acronym
D. SOAP was an early form of XML.
Answer: D

49. XML Schemas consist of:
A. properties and methods.
B. elements and attributes.
C. structure and data.
D. tables and relationships.
Answer: B

50. The expression FOR XML RAW tells SQL Server to:
A. place the values of the columns as attributes in the resulting XML document.
B. place the values of the columns into elements rather than attributes.
C. place some columns into elements and others into attributes.
D. None of the above is correct.
Answer: A

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