Thursday, 24 September 2015

Most recent asked Linux Interview Questions and Answers

26. How do you monitor or measure performance of a Linux server which is running for more than 5 years with out a break?
These are the commands that can help.
top, sar, vmstat, iostat, free
More detailed explanation of about these commands is here.

27. Explain how DNS works, and talk about DNS Table?
This video here gives you the basic understanding of DNS. However, you should check this article here to understand the theory part better. More about DNS tables is explained here.

28. Talk about the boot process?
Boot process follows 6 major steps. Starting with BIOS > MBR > GRUB > KERNEL > INIT > RUN LEVELS
This image here (taken from the geek stuff) should give you a better idea. linux-boot-process

29. What utility do we have to use for a log to rotate automatically?
For automatic rotation, mailing or removal if the log files, for compressing or rotating the log files each day (when the file is too big) we can use the logrotate command: logrotate [-dv][-f|] [-s|] config file+. We can also use it with the –f option in the command line or for mailing with –m, which has two arguments: the subject and the recipient name.

30.  How do we store an application’s documentation?
The documentation of an application is usually installed together with the application and the directory that we named for the application will be used for storage. As an example: we have the application App1- the documentation will be stored at /user/doc/App1. The documentations means all the information regarding that application including the time when it was created, its modules and of course its name.

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