Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Manual Testing Online Quiz Questions And Answers

41. This type of test include, how well the user will be able to understand and interact with the system?
A. Usability Testing
B. User Acceptance Testing
C. Alpha Testing
D. Beta Testing.
Ans:  A

42. Defects generally fall into the following categories?
D. All the above
Ans:  D

43. What is correct Software Process Cycle?
A. Plan(P)------>Check(C)------>Act(A)----->Do(D)
B. Plan(P)------>Do(D)------>Check(C)----->Act(A)
C. Plan(P)------>Do(D)------>Act(A)----->Check(C)
Ans:  B

44. Conducted to validate that the application, database, and network they may be running on can handle projected volumes of users and data effectively. The test is conducted jointly by developers, testers, DBA’s and network associates after the system Testing called as
A. Functional Testing
B. Stress/Load Testing
C. Recovery Testing
D. Integration Testing
Ans:  B

45. Maintenance Plan predicts the maintenance requirements of the system, maintenance costs and effort required
A. True
B. False
Ans:  A

46. Beta testing will be done by
A. Developer
B. User
C. Tester
Ans:  B

47. Validation plan describes the approach ,resources and schedule used for system validation
A. True
B. False
Ans:  A

48. Integration, It will come under
A. CMM Level 1
B. CMM Level 3
C. CMM Level 2
D. None
Ans:  B

49. Types of quality tools are Problem Identification Tools and Problem Analysis Tools.
A. True
B. False
Ans:  A

50. Which Software Development Life cycle model will require to start Testing Activities when starting development activities itself
A. Water falls model
B. Spiral Model
C. V-model
D. Linear model
Ans:  C

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