Thursday, 3 September 2015

Latest Top Homeopathy Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41.  Red streak down the middle of tongue, indicates
A. Veratrum Virdie
B. Phosphoricum Acidum
C. Coffea Cruda
D. Polyporus Pinicola
Ans: A

42. In which edition of Organon the concept of wet dose is introduced?
A. 3 rd edition
B. 4 th edition
C. 5 th edition
D. 6 th edition
Ans: C

43.  Fat, Perspiring, Cold and Sour (sour taste) indicates
A. Uva Ursi
B. Ovi Tosta
C. Baryta Iodata
D. Calcarea Carbonia
Ans: D

44. Fat, Chilly and Constipative applies to
A. Fucus
B. Kalmia Latifolia
C. Sulphur
D. Graphites
Ans: D

45.  What is the scale of dilution of \\\'X\\\' potency?
A. 1:10
B. 1:50
C. 1:100
D. 1:50000
Ans: A

46.  Which of the following is hot, burning, itchy. Made worse by heat of beD.
A. Picricum Acidum
B. Sulphur
C. Gettysburg Water
D. Magnesium Sulphuricum (magnesia Sulphurica)
Ans: B

47.  Most used medicine for spongy warts(tags) and corns
A. Thuja
B. Alumina
C. Arsenum Album
D. Antimony Crudum
Ans: A

48. Remedy for persistently irritating and corrosive discharges (from nose or eyes etc)
A. Arsinum Iodatum
B. Arsenum Album
C. Tellurium
D. Veratrum Album
Ans: A

49. A remedy for traumatic injuries and septic conditions
A. Iridium Metallicum (iridium)
B. Arnica Montana
C. Daphne Indica
D. Nuphar Luteum
Ans: B

50.  A remedy for haemorrhagic tendencies and septic states
A. Taxus Baccata
B. Calendula
C. Thyroidinum
D. Lachesis
Ans: D

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