Thursday, 3 September 2015

Google Analytics Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) Which page should the tracking code be installed to?
A. Index Page
B. Mobile Pages
C. Ecommerce Pages
D. ALL Pages
Ans: D

22) To use the Analytics data export API, you must have:
A. A corporate Google Analytics profile
B. Multiple Google Analytics accounts
C. A special designation from Google allowing you to use the API
D. A Google Analytics account and access to the profile being tracked
Ans: D

23) Google Analytics analysis can identify poorly performing pages
with which of the following technique?
A. e-commerce reporting
B. Google Analytics Content Experiments
C. Google Website Optimizer
D. funnel visualization
Ans: D

24) A page tag, called as the Google Analytics Tracking Code is a
snippet of ______ code.
A. PHP Script
B. DotNetScript
C. HTML Script
D. JavaScript
Ans: D

25) CTR is short for?
A. Customer Trending Report
B. check The Reports
C. Click Through Ratio
D. click Through Rate
Ans: D

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