Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Front Office Assistant Objective type Questions and Answers

11) While in the patient demographics screen the box titled "PCP" stands for
  A. 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine
  B. preferred care provider
  C. primary care provider
Ans: C

12) In the patient information screen, you will find the patients pharmacy information by clicking on what button?
  A. Alert
  B. Misc Info
  C. Additional Info
Ans:  C

13) A "Guarantor" is someone who
  A. is financially responsible for a patient but is not a current patient
  B. is always a biological relative of the patient
  C. is currently with the patient
Ans: A

14) Date of birth, gender race ethnicity, language, and insurance type are required as a part of
  A. HIPPA regulations
  B. meaningful use of EMR
  C. health care reform act
Ans: A

15) Certain details regarding the patient must be captured using the structured data fields, which are important for generating the required reports can be found where?
  A. patient information->options->structured tab
  B. patient information->alert->structured tab
  C. patient information->additional info->structured tab
Ans:  C

16) Provides quick, single point access to all information (clinical and account) related to the patient
  A. patient Hub
  B. patient Info
  C. patient Lookup
Ans: A

17) Displays a quick reference of the patients Progress Notes window, giving the provider easy access to the patients history and other information, such as current medications, allergies, alerts and immunizations
  A. Chart Panel
  B. Hub Buttons
  C. Toolbar
Ans: A

18) Provides access to the patient's past and present test results, immunizations, referrals, allergies, alerts, and notes
  A. Patient Information
  B. Patient Lookup
  C. Chart Panel
Ans: C

19) Messages in eClinicalWorks can be accessed two ways
  A. from the toolbar under 'Notes' or from the right chart panel under 'CDSS'
  B. any of the green 'olives'
  C. on the 'Navigation' panel under the 'Messages' band on the left column or by clicking on the 'M' jellybean
Ans:  C

20) A patient wants to know what available appointment times Dr. Suess has for next Wednesday, what would be the best way to view these time slots while maintaining the ability to schedule multiple appointments at once? 
  A. from the resource scheduling screen, click on the 'calender with a magnifying glass' icon to schedule multiple appointments
  B. from the resource scheduling screen, click on the 'plain calender' icon to schedule multiple appointments
  C. from the resource scheduling screen, click on 'calender with the number 7' on it to schedule multiple appointments
Ans: A

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