Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ethical Hacking Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

11. What is another term for turning off the SSID broadcast?
 A. SSID stealth
 B. SSID unicast
 C. SSID cloaking
 D. SSID Sec
Ans: C

12. What is the maximum length of an SSID?
 A. Eight characters
 B. Sixteen characters
 C. Thirty-two characters
 D. Sixty-four characters
Ans:  C

13. Which wireless mode connects machines directly to one another, without the use of an access point?
 A. Point to point
 B. Infrastructure
 C. Ad hoc
Ans:  C

14. Which wireless standard can operate at speeds of 100+ Mbps and uses the 2.4GHz to 5GHz range?
 A. 802.11a
 B. 802.11b
 C. 802.11g
 D. 802.11n
Ans:  D

15. You are assigned to begin testing on a particular subnet. On examination of the segment, you notice the network is fully switched. Which of the following would allow you to begin sniffing traffic to or from devices on the subnet?
Hint: The key to this question lies with the ‘fully switched’ designator.
 A. Use nmap to begin a port scan.
 B. Use snort to view all packets.
 C. Use etherflood to create a MAC flood.
 D. None of the above.

Ans: C

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