Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dreamweaver Objective type Questions and Answer

6. What text formatting can be applied from the Property inspector?
A. font size
B. underline
C. superscript
D. definition list
Answer: A

7. What Visual Aid displays the margin, border, and padding of CSS elements?
A. Layer Outline
B. CSS Layout Outlines
C. CSS Layout Box Mode
D. CSS Background Layout Background
Answer: C

8. A page has an embedded style sheet that redefines H3 as Arial, red. The same page has a linked style sheet attached that defines H3 as Verdana, blue, and 16 pixels. How should text between H3 tags display on the page in a browser?
A. Arial, red, 16 pixels
B. Verdana, red, 16 pixels
C. Verdana, blue, 16 pixels
D. Arial, red, browser default font size
Answer: A

9. What behavior can be attached to a hyperlink to load new content into two different frames in a frameset?
A. Go To URL
B. Swap Image
C. Change Behavior
D. Open Browser Window
Answer: A

10. When would an onBlur event occur?
A. onBlur is not an event
B. when an image is selected
C. when a form field is selected
D. when selecting any object other than the one the onBlur event is attached
E. when selecting any object after selecting the one the onBlur event is attached
Answer: E

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