Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dreamweaver Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

11. In CSS, what is the correct example of a custom class called myclass?
A. .myclass
B. #myclass
C. $myclass
D. %myclass
Answer: A

12. What action reduces a page's download time?
A. Use tables instead of CSS for page layout.
B. Link, rather than embed, client-side JavaScript.
C. Reduce the number of colors used in GIF images.
D. Resize images using the height and width attributes of the <img> tag.
Answer: C

13. If a form requires a constant value for a form field each time the form is submitted, what type of field is used to store the data?
A. Hidden
B. Standard
C. Concealed
D. Fixedvalue
Answer: A

14. Which symbols could be used to start a comment in JavaScript? (Choose TWO)
A. //
B. */
C. #
D. {
E. /*
Answer: A,E

15. What three tags are associated with a Definition List?
A. dl, dt, li
B. dl, dd, li
C. dl, dt, dd
D. dl, dt, db
Answer: C

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