Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Corel Draw Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. The Smooth mesh color option allows the colors added to the mesh nodes to blend seamlessly with the rest of the object.
A. Yes
B. No
Ans: A

32. _______tool removes overlapping segments in the objects.
A. Knife
B. Crop Tool
C. Virtual Segment Tool
D. Eraser
Ans: C

33. Which tool has been used to fill the shape with the gradient, as shown in the image?
A. Interactive tool ->Linear
B. Interactive tool ->Radial
C. Interactive tool ->Conical
D. Interactive tool ->Sqaure
Ans: B

34. What type of text would you use to create a title?

a. Artistic (correct answer)
b. paragraph
c. Bezier
d. Freehand
Ans: A
35. How do you know an object is closed?

a. It can be filled (correct answer)
b. it has nodes
c. it has a shape
d. it has a line
Ans: A

36. What tool allows you to get a closer look at an object?
a. Zoom (correct answer)
b. Pick
c. Text
d. Eyedropper
Ans: A

37. How can you tell if a curve is NOT closed?
a. It is white and not a color.
b. It cannot be filled. (correct answer)
c. It is highlighted.
d. It can be filled with a color.
Ans: B
38. Which tool is NOT a basic drawing tool in a 2D image program?
a. Eyedropper (correct answer)
b. Bezier
c. Freehand
d. Pencil
Ans: A

39. What is NOT a color model used on 2D and 3D images?
a. RGB
b. HSV
c. LZW (correct answer)
Ans: C

40. If a person wanted to fill an image of a curtain with a plaid texture, what tool should be used?
a. Uniform fill
b. Fountain
c. Gradient
d. Pattern (correct answer)
Ans: D

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