Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Corel Draw Objective Type Questions And Answers

11.What is the shortcut key to specifies fountain fills for objects?
A. CtrI + B
B. F11
C. Alt + F4
D. F6
Ans: B

12. When an A2 paper is divided equally from the centre, which size will you obtain?
  A. A3 (Correct Answer)
  B. A4
  C. A5
  D. B3

13. ___________ tool is used for cropping. 
  A. Pick tool
  B. shape tool (Correct Answer)
  C. zoom tool
  D. knife tool
Ans:  B

14. A graphic work with Red, Yellow, Black and White has __________ colour separation.
  A. 3 (Correct Answer)
  B. 4
  C. 5
  D. 5 1/2
15. In a bookwork of ten pages, one of the sheets will contain the following numbering.
  A. 1&2
  B. 2&9
  C. 1&10 (Correct Answer)
  D. 3&5
Ans:  C

16. The ruler bar is used for _____________
  A. Setting of margin
  B. dividing your work
  C. for book design (Correct Answer)
  D. all of the above

17. We have ____________ paper Orientation in CorelDraw.
  A. 1
  B. 2 (Correct Answer)
  C. 3
  D. 4
Ans:  B

18. ______________ is used for selecting and deselecting objects.
  A. Bezier tool
  B. freehand tool
  C. shape tool
  D. pick tool (Correct Answer)

19. Green and white has two colour separations 
  A. True
  B. False (Correct Answer)

20. CorelDraw is a ____________ based drawing Application Package
  A. Photo paint
  B. Bitmap
  C. Vector (Correct Answer)
  D. Scalar

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