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Common Desk top Support Interview Questions and Answers pdf

46)   What is PTR (Program Troube Record) record?
This program record is used to check if the server name is connected with the IP address, it is exactly opposite to the ‘A’ record. This record is basically created in reverse lookup zone, so it is also known as Reverse DNS records or pointer record.
PTR record= Give me an IP address and I will give you the name
‘A’ record= Give me the name and I will give you the IP address

47)    What is reservation?
Basically the term “Reservation” is used in DHCP server. Some network equipment or computer system needs a specific IP address, in such case we make a reservation in DHCP server for that particular computer system.  By creating reservation it gives access to that particular IP address and at the same time prevents other computer system to use that IP address.

48)   What is SMTP server or POP server?
SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. It is basically used for sending and receiving the mail, whereas, POP stands for post office protocol it is used for mail receiving purpose in the network.

49)    What is RIS and why you use RIS?
RIS stands for remote installation services. It is used to install image from a Window server to a new hardware.  We use RIS because installing OS every time using a CD would be more time consuming.

50)   What is “Bootloader”?
Bootloader facilitates the loading of operating system on the system. It enables the booting process and gives OS option to the users while starting the system.
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