Thursday, 24 September 2015

Basic Desk top Support Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

41)   Explain the term SID?
SID stands for Security Identifier. Every computer object has a unique ID which is known as SID.

42)   What is the difference between incremental backup and differential backup?
In incremental backup only incremental parts are backup and not the full back up, while in differential backup we take full back up after the normal backup.

43)   What is the difference between server OS and desktop OS?
Server OS gives centralized administration for users, shared resources and security while desktop OS gives access to only local administration.

44)   What is the difference between the MSI file and .EXE file?
MSI (Microsoft Installer) allows install, uninstall and repair the program with a single file, while .EXE file needs two files to install and uninstall the software. Also,.EXE file is able to detect the existing version of the software and give option to user to uninstall the program while MSI will instruct the users to use the add and remove program in control panel to remove the existing product first and then you can install the new program.

45)   What is BSOD? How do you troubleshoot it?
BSOD stands for blue screen of death. When there is some fault in OS or hardware then Windows can’t run the program and gives a blue screen with a code. To resolve this problem the best way is to reboot the system.  If it doesn’t work than boot the system in the safe mode.

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