Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Basic QTP Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

61) You would like to run a particular test up to a certain step. What QuickTest feature will you use to stop the test run at a specific step in the test?
A. Pause
B. Step Into
C. Step Over
D. Breakpoint
Ans: D

62) When a procedure is created in the Function Library editor, what is the extension on the file?
Ans: C

63) What are the categories in the Step Generator?
A. Object, Operation, Value
B. Library, Built-in, Local Script
C. Operation, Arguments, Return Value
D. Test Objects, Utility Objects, Functions
Ans: D

64) In Test Settings ->Run the Data Table iteration options are for which data sheet?
A. Local
B. Global
C. Run-time Data Table
D. Design-time Data Table
Ans: B

65) What can you use to handle unpredictable testing exceptions?
A. Do Loop
B. Recovery Scenario
C. IF THEN statement
D. Select case statement
Ans: B

66) Where can you associate a function library to a test?
A. Run Options
B. Test Settings
C. View Options
D. Function Definition Generator
Ans: B

67) Where do you set the action iterations for a specified action?
A. Action Settings
B. Action Properties
C. Action Run Settings
D. Action Call Properties
Ans: D

68) If you have a Virtual Object Collection stored on your machine, and you don't want to use it, what must you do?
A. Disable Virtual Objects in Test Settings
B. Remove the Collection from your machine
C. Disable Virtual Objects in General Options
D. Remove the Collections from the Resources list
Ans: C

69) Which method for the DataTable utility object will allow you to retrieve information from the Data Table during a test run?
A. Value
B. Import
C. GetCell
D. GetValue
Ans: A

70) What does the source property of a database checkpoint object represent?
A. The SQL query
B. The identification number of the database
C. The number of rows returned from the query
D. The connection string used to connect to the database
Ans: A

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