Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Basic Manual Testing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

61. ------------- means under what test environment(Hardware, software set up. the application will run smoothly
A. Test Bed
B. Checkpoint
C. Code Walk through
D. Checklist
Ans:  A

62. TQM represents
A. Tool Quality Management
B. Test Quality Manager
C. Total Quality Management
D. Total Quality Manager
Ans:  C

63. Optimization, Defect Prevention, and Quality Control. Its come under the
A. CMM Level 2
B. CMM Level 3
C. CMM Level 4
D. CMM Level5
Ans:  D

64. Unit Testing will be done by
A. Testers
B. End Users
C. Customer
D. Developers
Ans:  D

65. Beta testing will be done at
A. User place
B. Developers place
Ans:  A

66. A Plan to overcome the risk called as
A. Migration Plan
B. Master plan
C. Maintenance plan
D. Mitigation Plan
Ans:  D

67. Which of the following is not one of the techniques to find defects
a. Operational Techniques
b. Functional Techniques
c. Dynamic Techniques
d. Static Techniques
Ans: a

68. Quality Assurance methods are usually considered
a. Detective
b. Corrective
c. Preventive
d. Proactive
Ans: C

69. Who has the primary responsibility of setting the quality culture in the organization?
a. Senior Management
b. The Training Department
c. The Quality Department
d. Nobody
Ans: c

70. Verification is
a. Checking that we are building the right system
b. Checking that we are building the system right
c. Performed by an independent test team
d. Making sure that it is what the user really wants
Ans: b

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