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Assistent Architecture Online Quiz Question & Answers

22. for the computation of areas, which rule is most accurate?
A. Mid-ordinate rule
B. Average Ordinate rule
C. Trapezoidal rule
D. Simpson's rule
Ans: D

23. A pantograph is used for
A. Measuring
B. measuring distances on maps
C. reproducing, enlarging or reducing the maps
D. Measuring vertical angles
Ans: C

24. The apparent movement of the image of the staff relative to the cross hairs is known as
A. shift
B. slint
C. parallax error
D. sight error
Ans: C

25. A working profile gives
A. ground levels only
B. formation levels only
C. difference in ground levels & formation levels
D. all of the above
Ans: D

26. The error in the staff readings due to curvature of the earth when the length of sight is 1 Km is
A. -0.0785 m
B. +0.0785 m
C. -0.0667 m
D. +0.0667 m
Ans: A

27. The vertical distance between the upper surface of the successive treads is known as 'going of step'
A. true
B. false
Ans: B

28. The brick flooring is used in
A. workshops
B. godowns
C. verandahs
D. none of these
Ans: B

29. The flooring made with small pieces of broken tiles of china glazed or of marble arranged in different pattern, is known as
A. asphalt flooring
B. mosaic flooring
C. terrazo flooring
D. granolithic flooring
Ans: B

30. In stairs, the flier is
A. a vertical portion of a step providing a support to the tread
B. a straight step having a parallel width of tread
C. the under surface of a stair
D. the angle which the line of nosing of the stair makes with the horizontal
Ans: B

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