Monday, 2 February 2015

websphere application server interview questions and answer (Part3)

21. What about master repository?
deployment manager contains the MASTER configuration and application files. All updates to the configuration files should go through the deployment manager.

22. Tell me IHS executable files, means bin directory files?
Apache, ApacheMonitor, htpasswd, htdigest, htdbm, ldapstash, httpd.exe

23. Why given the httpd.conf file to installation of plug-in?
identify the web server (port, virtual hosts) to configure the web server definition

24. How to configure remote system httpd.conf file?
select web server machine (remote)

25. Several types of log files in the appserver?
system out, system err, trace, native out , native err, activity.

26. websphere packages?
express, base, network deployment

27. What is the profile?
profiles are a set of files that represent a websphere application server configuration.

28. What is the trace?
A trace is an informational record that is intended for service engineers or developers to use. As such, a trace record might be considerably more complex, verbose and detailed than a message entry.

29. What is heap memory?
Objects storage space for objects references created at run time in a jvm is heap memory.

30. Out of memory exception is there, how to handle that exception?
To incrise heap memory size.
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