Monday, 2 February 2015

Ibm web sphere application server interview questions (Part4)

31. What about IHS?
IHS (IBM HTTP Server) is one of the web servers. It serves the static content only and it takes up only http requests.

32. What about plug-in?
plug-in is one of the modules it is interface between application server and web server, the plug-in process receives the request from the client first. If the request is for dynamic content, the plug-in diverts the request to the websphere application server. If the request is for static content, the plug-in forwards it to the Http server.

33. What is the global security?
it provides the authentication and authorization for websphere application server domain (administration client or console).

34. How to configure the global security?
open console and then select security option in the right side menu, and then select localOs registry in the user registry, then enter the username, passwords. And again select global security then ltpa option then provide the password, then save the configuration. And restart the deployment server and then relogin the console.

35. What is SSL?
ssl is a protocol for providing encrypted data communications between two processes.

36. What is PMI? How to configure PMI?
monitoring and tuning–>PMI–>select any process (server1, nodeagent, dmgr) and then enable PMI–>then apply and then save. Select performance viewer–>current activity and then select enabled process and click the start monitoring button after that process select.

37. What is the UNIX command of all display server processes?
ps –ef| grep java

38. What is node?
logical group of servers.

39. How to start the server? server1

40. How you get nodeagent……what you have to install to get nodeagent?
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