Sunday, 8 February 2015

simple object access protocol (SOAP) interview questions

Below are some important SOAP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

16)    Explain about the mustUnderstand Attribute?
This attribute indicates whether the header is optional or mandatory for the recipient to process. If you add mustUnderstand =”1” to the child element of the header element then it states that the header element must be processed otherwise it leads to failure.

17)    Explain about the SOAP body element?
This part of the element will contain the message which is intended for the ultimate delivery point. An element can be described inside the body element as a default namespace which indicates about the error message during the process. SOAP element acts just like a code to be processed during the execution of a certain application.

18) What do you mean by SOAP encoding?
SOAP uses an XML format to encode data. There are two waysin which it maps high level datatypes like integers, arraysto a serialized XML format- Section 5 encoding and Literalencoding. Section 5 encoding, also called SOAP encoding, isnamed after the section in the SOAP 1.1 specification thatdefines it. Literal encoding on the other hand uses a XML.

19) How is SOAP different from traditional RPC?
In SOAP, procedures take named parameters and order is irrelevant. In XML-RPC order is relevant and parameters do not have names.

20) About how soap messages are sent and received in web service ?
we can sent and receive soap msg with the help of HTTP, FTP or SMTP protocols. we need to bind the soap envelope in protocol and then we can send and receive our msg over the netwrok.
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