Sunday, 8 February 2015

Most recently asked SOAP Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some important SOAP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

21. Explain about the SOAP body element?
This part of the element will contain the message which is intended for the ultimate delivery point. An element can be described inside the body element as a default namespace which indicates about the error message during the process. SOAP element acts just like a code to be processed during the execution of a certain application.

22.  Explain about the SOAP Envelope element?
A SOAP message will have the SOAP element as the root element. SOAP element name space should always have the value of : as that defines the Envelope.

23. What are the elements which should be contained in SOAP message?
Following elements are contained in the SOAP message.
1) An envelope element which identifies and translates the XML document into a SOAP message.
2) A header element is a must as it should contain header message.
3) A body is required which should contain call and response message.
4) Fault element is required which can communicate about the errors occurred during the process

24. What is Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)?
SOAP acts as a medium to provide basic messaging framework. On these basic messaging frameworks abstract layers are built. It transfers messages across the board in different protocols; it also acts as a medium to transmit XML based messages over the network.
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