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Sales Interview Answers to Typical Sales Interview Questions (Page 2)

Below are some important Sales interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

6.  You are out to sell, what is your objective? | Sales Questions
The candidate should understand the difference in selling a company and a product.

7. What are the five most crucial skills required by a sales manager? | Sales Questions
Answer: Enhancing effectiveness on all of the following:
I. Choosing the right time for negotiation
ii. Formulating a negotiation strategy
iii. Relationship marketing
iv. Sales Force Training
v. Negotiation
vi. Leadership/Team building .

8. Can you by giving examples illustrate selling concepts? | Sales Questions
Answer: Selling concept presumes innately the non-consuming disposition of the human being. Therefore, the individual will have to be communicated about the various aspects of the product that would result in a purchase. While talking of the evolutionary order of the concepts marketing concept is more advanced than the selling concept, the latter one is still relevant in developing economies like India. For example, in case we need to tell the customer the superiority of a toothbrush over a neem stick, then we need to demonstrate the ease of use and superior quality of the output. , which is part of the selling process. We need to ensure that the stock of product is sufficient and therefore monitoring stock at the retailer or the wholesaler level is an important function of the sales person.

9. How would you sell software packages? | Sales Questions
Software is a service and therefore not tangible. The customer would look at the service with a greater doubt than he does goods. I would therefore use aspects like my earlier products, the qualifications of my technical people etc., as evidences of my abilities that would help the customer reduce his ambiguity. Thereafter I would provide details of my oiler on a corporative  platform to highlight the advantage of  my offer. This would bring the customer closer to my oiler and at this stage will clinch the deal.

10. How can a ‘ready made shirt manufacturer’ make its sales promotion more effective? | Sales Questions
It requires an analysis of the relation between individual incentives to the consumers and their impact on sales. The sales promotion can he in terms of a free hag promoted through Point of Purchase.
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