Friday, 6 February 2015

26 TOP Sales Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

Below are some important Sales interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1. What are the Most Important Sales Skills? | Sales Questions
Not everyone can handle sales. You need to have the right attitude and abilities. At your job interview, the interviewer will be looking for your sales skills, and the aspects of the process that help close deals. An example of a good answer includes “The ability to recognize both verbal and non-verbal cues to adapt the sales strategies you implement to impress the prospective buyer.”

2.  Explain one of your marketing innovations that you have done till now. | Sales Questions
You should be good at judgment as this can be one of the most trapping questions. You should be a person who will create something new and bring out with an innovation.

3.  what do you think is challenging in marketing? | Sales Questions
Be prepared with concepts that you feel is most challenging in marketing. Understand the risks and challenges of the new market developments.

4.  What will you do to improve your product or service or your company? | Sales Questions
Give a lot of examples and explain to him how you would improve either of this. This will increase a lot of customer service. You should have a commitment towards improving sales and increase the customer base.

5.  Sell this pencil to me. | Sales Questions
You should be quick in trying to get the right USP for the product and sell efficiently.
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