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QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers Part2

11.  Few basic questions on commonly used Excel VBA functions. | QTP Questions
Common functions are:  Coloring the cell Auto fit cell setting navigation from link in one cell to other saving

12.  Explain the keyword createobject with an example. | QTP Questions
Createobject:Creates and returns a reference to an Automation object.Example:Dim ExcelSheetSet ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

13.  Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model. | QTP Questions
Hello Friends,              Can anyone explain, as what is a Framework and how to create a Framework using any automation tool like WinRunner or QTP?        

14.  How to handle dynamic objects in QTP? | QTP Questions
Using GETRO Property we will handle the runtime objects.

15.  What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table? | QTP Questions
The test results tree also includes the table-shaped icon that displays the run-time Data Table—a table that shows the values used to run a test containing Data Table parameters or the Data Table output values retrieved from a test while application

16.  How does Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to each other in QTP? | QTP Questions
How i can get evaluation version of QTP.

17.  What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action? | QTP Questions
When u insert a call to action,they r read only in the calling test.It can be modified in the original test.where as come to copy action,you can make changes to the copied action,your changes will not effect the original action where it created.

18.  Discuss QTP Environment. | QTP Questions
QuickTest Pro environment using the graphical interface and ActiveScreen technologies - A testing process for creating test scripts, relating manual test requirements to automated verification features - Data driving to use several sets of data using

19.  Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object. | QTP Questions
During recording qtp looks at the object and stores it as test object.For each test object QT learns a set of default properties called mandatory properties,and look at the rest of the objects to check whether this properties are enough to uniquely identify

20.  Differentiate the two Object Repository Types of QTP. | QTP Questions
In Qtp there are 2 object repositories, they are1.Shared Object Repository2.Per Action Mode,by default it's per action mode.we will use shared OR for calling a particular action,it's like calling external libraries.we will use per action for a particular
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