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78 TOP QTP Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Below are some important QTP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1.  What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro (QTP)..? | QTP Questions
Operates stand-alone, or integrated into Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality Center. Introduces next-generation “zero-configuration” Keyword Driven testing technology in QuickTest Professional 8.0 — allowing for fast test creation, easier

2.  Where can I get Quck Test pro (QTP Pro) software.. This is Just for Information purpose only. | QTP Questions
Introduction to QuickTest Professional 8.0, Computer Based Training: Please find the step to get QuickTest Professional 8.0 CBT Step by Step Tutorial and Evaluation copy of the software. The full CBT is 162 MB. You will have to create account to be able

3.  How to handle the exceptions using recovery secnario manager in Qtp? | QTP Questions
There are 4 trigger events during which a recovery scenario should be activated. They are A pop up window appears in an opened application during the test run. A property of an object changes its state or value. A step in the test does

4.  What is the use of Text output value in Qtp? | QTP Questions
Answer posted by shreethik on 2005-06-09 08:36:38: Output values enable to view the values that the application takes during run time. When parameterized, the values change for each iteration. Thus by creating output values, we can capture the values that

5.  how to handle java tree in QTP. | QTP Questions
Hi,    first of all we need to have a java add-in to handle a java tree. In tools option we have the "object identification" drop down list. There we have the java option to recognize the objects there select the tree option. Add the properties

6.  What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP? | QTP Questions
Regarding code I have no idea but for object repository there are 2 files Shared repository .tstper test .mtr

7.  Explain the concept of object repository & how QTP recognises objects? | QTP Questions
With QTP 8.2, there available QTP Plus,setup.It provides Repositories Merge Utility.The Object Repository Merge Utility enables user to merge Object repository files into a single Object repository file.

8.  What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser & page when using descriptive programming? | QTP Questions
For Browser We will have to see for "title"For Page also We will have to see for "title"

9.  What are the different scripting languages you could use when working with QTP? | QTP Questions
This will also support java script, but i hve not tries refer Quick test plus help for each functions they have give code in vbs and js.

10.  Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project? | QTP Questions
com inteface appears in the scenario of front end and back end.for eg:if you r using oracle as back end and front end as VB or any language then for better compatibility we will go for an interface.of which COM wil be one among those intefaces.
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