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Most Recent VBScript Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Below are some important VBScript interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
11. Explain about the support of ASP for VB Script functionality?
Visual Basic should rely on ASP for sever side processing. Asp.dll is used to make VB Script run on ASP engine and it invokes vbscript.dll. VB Script should be embedded within <% and %> context switches. ASP can provide varied functionality to VB Script.

12. Compare JavaScript and VBScript?
VB and JavaScript are much similar in functionality. They both interact with the document object model of the page. Many browsers have compatibility with Java Script but they are not compatible with VB script as such. For client side scripting developers using VB Script should always make sure of cross browser compatibility which is not the case when working with VBScript.

13. Explain some uses of VB Script?
If functionality aspect is considered VB Script acts similar to Java Script but it is compatible only on internet explorer. They interact with Document object model. Visual basic script can also be used for server side processing with ASP.

14. Explain about the extension .hta?
.hta extension is used whenever you want to include a VB script in HTML. Here HTML acts as an interface and VB Script as the programming language. .hta extension files do run in the safe and trusted zone of Internet explorer. Although they run in the trusted zone querying is restricted as it has to pass the guidelines of internet explorer.

15. Explain about .wsf files?
.wsf files are modeled in similar to XML. They can be executed with the help of Wscript.exe and it can be done from the command line also. This .wsf file can have multiple visual basic files. Reuse functionality is present with this extension file.
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