Thursday, 5 February 2015

Best Interview Questions on VBScript

Below are some important VBScript interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
16. What is event handling in VBScript?
The actions that are performed by clicking, pressing keys, moving mouse, dragging and dropping etc are called as events. Event handling is the way to capture these events and perform the actions accordingly.

17. Explain few date functions in VBScript.

18. What are string functions in VBScript?
Asc() - Returns ANSI Character Code
Chr() - Returns Character from ANSI Code
InStr() - Find a string within another
InStrRev() - Find a string within another (Reverse)
LCase() - Convert a string to lowercase
Left() - Crops a string from left
Len() - Determine the length of a string
LTrim() - Remove leading spaces from a string
Mid() - Crops a string
Replace() - Replace a substring within a string
Right() - Crops a string from right
RTrim() - Remove trailing spaces from a string
Space() - Creates a string with the specified number of spaces
StrComp() - Compare two strings
String() - Creates a repeated character string
StrReverse() - Reverse the characters of a string
Trim() - Remove both leading and trailing spaces from a string
UCase() - Convert a string to uppercase

19. Explain VBScript in detail.
This is a scripting language developed by Microsoft and is based loosely on Visual Basic. Its functionality in a web environment is defendant upon either an ASP engine or the Windows Scripting Host, and must be used on a Windows hosting platform.

20. Give examples where VB script can directly run on users system with Windows as OS?
A simple example detailing the running of VB Script is by utilizing Windows Script host environment. Visual basic is a stand alone application which has a .vbs as extension. Input can be provided through graphical user interface and output can be obtained by Wscript.exe from dialog and input boxes. From command line it can be invoked by Cscript.exe.

21. Explain about VB Script?
VB script is a Microsoft programming language and it resembles a lower version of the VB. It is an Active Scripting language. This scripting language is included in windows operating system by default. With the use of msscript.ocx you can install VB Script.
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