Thursday, 5 February 2015

Most Recent SAP BI/BW Interview Questions and Answers (Part8)

71) What is the t-code for Query Monitor?

72) Apart from R/3 ,which legacy db you used for extraction ?
A) We had legacy system called CAM. CAM system had Open order information which was full load every day to OM Schedule line ODS. CAM system was connected to R3 through DB connect.

73) What are the three ODS Objects table explain?
A) ODS Object has three tables called New, Active and Change log. As soon as new data comes into ODS, that is stored in ODS. When it is activated, the new data is written to Active table. Change is written in the change log.

74) Can you explain about Start routines how you used in your project give me an example?
A) In start routine is used for mass processing of records. In start routine all the records of data package is available for processing. So we can process all these records together in start routine. In one of scenario, we wanted to apply size % to the forecast data. For example if material M1 is forecasted to say 100 nos in May. Then after applying size %(Small 20%, Medium 40%, Large 20%, Extra Large 20%), we wanted to have 4 records against one single record that is coming in the info package. This is achieved in start routine.

75) In update rules for an infocube we can specify separate update rules for characteristics of each of the key figures. In which situations is the above used?
A) To be discussed(TBD).

76) Other than BW, what are the other ETL tools used for SAP R/3 in industry?
A) Informatica, ACTA, COGNOS, Business Objects are other ETL tools.

77) Does any other ERP software use BW for data warehousing.
A) NO.

78) What is the importance of hierarchies?
A) One can display the elements of characteristics in hierarchy form and evaluate query data for the individual hierarchy levels in the Business Explorer (in Web applications or in the BEx Analyzer).

79) Where is 0RECORDMODE infoobject used?
A) It is used in Delta Management. ODS uses ORECORDMODE info object for delta load. ORECORDMODE has values as X,D,R. In delta data load X means rows to be skipped, D & R for delete and Remove of rows.

80) What is operating concern in CO-PA?
A) An organizational structure that combines controlling areas together in the same way as controlling areas group companies together.
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