Thursday, 5 February 2015

Latest Technical Round SAP BI/BW Interview Questions and Answers (Part9)

Below are some important SAP BW interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

81) Does all the characteristics present in ODS, are key fields.
A) No. An ODS object contains key fields (for example, document number/item) and data fields that can also contain character fields (for example, order status, customer).

82) What is the use BAPI, ALE?
A) BAPI, ALE => set of programs which will Extract data from data sources. BW connects SAP systems(R/3 or BW) and flat files via ALE. BW connects with non SAP systems via BAPI.

83) What is the importance of ‘Compounding’ of infoobjects?
A) A Compound attribute differentiates a characteristic to make the characteristic uniquely identifiable. For example, in a Plant, there can be some similar products manufactured. (Plant A-- Soap,Paste,Lotion; plant B--Soap, paste, Lotion) In this case Plant A and Plant B should be made unique. So the characteristics can be compounded to make them unique.

84) Are there any limitations for BEx analyzer?

85) How does BEx analyzer connect to BW?
A) Bex Analyzer is connected with OLAP Processor. OLE DB Connectivity makes Bex Analyzer connects with BIW.

86) What is field partitioning in CO-PA?
A) Internally allocates space in database. If needed table resides in one or few partitions, then only these partitions will be selected and examined by SQL statement, therby significantly reducing I/O volume.

87) Where to check the log for warning messages appearing in activation of transfer rules?
A) If transfer rules are not defined for Info objects, then traffic lights will not be green.

88) What are the advantages of reporting on an infocube to that of reporting on an ODS?
A) Query performance will be good with Infocube. Infocube has multidimensional model where as ODS is a flat table. Aggregates and Multi provider can be built upon Infocube, which will enhance the Query performance. Aggregates and mutiproviders cannot be built on ODS.

89) How does a navigational attribute differ from other attributes in terms of linking it with the infocube?

90) How does delta update mechanism work in ODS?
A) ODS has three database tables. New Table, Active Table and Change Log Table. Initially new data are loaded and their traces are kept in Change log table. When another set of data comes, it actually compares with change log and transfers the data (delta data) into active table and also notes in Change log. Everytime the tables are compared and data is written into the targets.
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