Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Most frequently asked Brand Management Interview Questions and Answers (Page 3)

Below are some important Brand Management interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. It is not always profitable to go in for brand building? Do you support this View? How would you brand Indian software development skills?
Cost of brand building Vs Benefit of branding. The point to note is that branding ct is an immediate process whereas the benefits are always long-term goals. If viewed from a long term image building prospective. It is always profitable to go in for brand building. We may lose out to cheaper labor nations unless we do something to brand our software development skills. Branding a nation is not a new and impossible proposition.

12. What is brand positioning?
Brand positioning is a process in which marketers would like to occupy the rational space in the minds of the target customers against competition.
The following are the basis for positioning a brand:
Target audience
Frame of reference
Point of differentiation

13. What are the components of Brand Positioning?
The components of brand positioning are :
Target audience
Unique selling proposition .

14. What do you feel is the potential for Brand Management?
The potential for brand management will help the company to promote its image in the society, differentiate its offerings from competitors, devise marketing communication activities, protect its product features legally etc.

15. What are the Tools to communicate with your target audience?
The following are the various tools used to communicate with the target audience:
Company newsletters
Journal article
Trade shows
Product brochure
Word of mouth
Direct mail
Local/regional/national newspaper
Radio etc.
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