Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Experienced Brand Manager Interview Questions and Answers (Page 4)

16. What role do events play in Marcom?
The events play the following role in Marcom:
The communication messages are circulated to the mass people irrespective of segments i.e. wide reach
Lower costs
Increases corporate and brand image
In-depth insights about target audience
Global exposure for the new products/services

17. How would you use online media for your Marcom activities?
Using online media for Marcom activities is to ensure the maximum reach of the target audience at lower costs and results in increased consumer engagement. And also, it is easy to monitor and measure the results of online media usage. Internet is considered to be the one of the most effective tool in today’s competitive business world.

18. How would you get your PR across to people?
One of the main responsibilities of a Marcom person is to ensure the organization and product/brand image to be good in front of the eyes of the consumers. On a timely basis, PR should be used to create awareness to the public in relation to the events happening in the company such as new product launch, product relaunch, sponsoring consumer events, participation in trade shows and exhibitions etc.

19. How to judge the effectiveness of your Marcom activities
Increase in sales
Improving the company image
Brand and advertising awareness
Cost per thousand
Change in market share etc.

20. Assume you are a brand, describe your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are good communication, analytical and client servicing skills and flexibility to any kind of environment.
My weakness is diversified concentration.
I position as a brand by means of catering to the mass market (Flexibility) with assortment of product categories (diversified concentration) across geographies (flexibility) with high quality product standards to the consumers.
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