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Latest Sales Interview - Questions & Answers (Page 4)

Below are some important Sales interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

16. What are the various types of distribution channels? | Sales Questions
We may classify the channel types based on either ownership or number of levels or nature of activities. The manufacturing company may have its own outlets like Raymonds or Reliance. A single organization other than the manufacturing one might own a chain of retail outlets like the India coffee house. Alternatively each location might be taken tip by a distributor who has nothing to do with another person in another area. The channel may be classified as a single tier or multi tier depending on the number of levels of the intermediaries. We also have the types of wholesalers, retailers etc..

17. What is the function of a stockist? | Sales Questions
The stockist is a key element in the value delivery system. The stockist stores the products of the company and rotates them through the retail network to the customer. Usually a stockist operates within a defined geographical domain. He also functions as an information conduit for the company.

18. What is merchandising? What are the differences between distribution and merchandising? | Sales Questions
Merchandising is a term commonly used in the retailing industry. When we merchandise we refer to a category of items like textiles, toiletries detergents etc., Therefore a merchandise manager in retailing would he a n equivalent to the product manger of goods marketing organization. The distribution function predominantly concerns logistics or making the goods available for consumption while merchandising includes creating availability as well as enabling sale of the merchandise. The decisions that are made by a merchandiser are the categories of items that need to be made available, what will he the display pattern. what will he the discount structure and what  types of reordering norms are requires. Therefore the merchandise manager will consider demand, availability requirements, margins, discounts etc.

19. What are the benefits of direct marketing vis-a-vis channel marketing? | Sales Questions
Advantages of Direct Marketing are:
1. Get to know the customer pulse
2. Can control Quality
3. Can get customer feedback efficiently
4. Brand & Company ethos can be transferred

20. What is channel conflict? How does the role of a channel manager in terms of resoling channel conflicts? Why does it arise in the first place? | Sales Questions
Individual channel members are often more concerned with their short run goals, leading to channel conflict. Horizontal conflict occurs among firms at the same level of the channel. Vertical conflict occurs between different levels of the same channel.
Channel conflicts are common when the market size is limited and all channel members try to concentrate on the same market and customers. Sometimes differential pricing policy of organization also results in conflict among channel members.
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