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Latest Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some important Oracle Apps interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps?
Yes, Oracle does support partitioning of tables in Oracle Applications. There are several implementations that partition on GL_BALANCES. However your client must buy licenses to if they desire to partition tables. To avoid the cost of licensing you may suggest the clients may decide to permanently close their older GL Periods, such that historical records can be archived.
Note: Before running the archival process the second time, you must clear down the archive table GL_ARCHIVE_BALANCES (don’t forget to export archive data to a tape).

12. What will be your partitioning strategy on GL_BALANCES? Your views please?
This really depends upon how many periods are regularly reported upon, how many periods are left open etc. You can then decide to partition on period_name, or period ranges, or on the status of the GL Period.

13. Does Oracle support running of gather stats on SYS schema in Oracle Apps?
If your Oracle Applications instance is on 10g, then you can decide to run stats for SYS schema.  This can be done by  exec dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats('SYS');
Alternately using command dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats('SYS',cascade=>TRUE,degree=>20);
I will prefer the former with default values.
If you wish to delete the stats for SYS use exec dbms_stats.delete_schema_stats('SYS');
You can schedule a dbms_job for running stats for SYS schema.

14. Can you use concurrent program "Gather Schema Statistics" to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps?
No, "Gather Schema Statistics" has no parameters for SYS schema.  Please use dbms_job.

15. Which table is used to provide drill down from Oracle GL into sub-ledger?
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