Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Latest CCNA Certification Interview Questions and Answers (Page 3)

Below are some important CCNA interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

21. List the default values in IGRP metric.
The default values are bandwith and delay.

22. What is the default serial encapsulation?
HDLC is the default serial encapsulation.

23. What is the use of ARP?
It is used to determine the MAC Address of a workstation.

24. Use of DLCI
It is used to identify the PVC in frame relay network.

25. Important features of OSI Layer 3 - network layer.
Determines the path, multiplexing and management of sessions.

26. List the important characteristics of switches.
The bandwidth is increased and collision domains are created. Also it helps forward traffic using mac address.

27. Which OSI Layer is used for physical address and network topology?
The Data link layer serves this purpose.

28. Why do we have to disable CDP?
To save the bandwidth by reducing overhead and to connect to a non cisco router.

29. Important characteristics of ISDN.
It transports both voice and data, and same as X.25

30. List the important characteristics of IGRP.
Multiple unequal paths, autonomous system number, etc.
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