Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Basic CCNA Interview Questions AND Answers (Page 2)

Below are some important CCNA interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
11. Important features of UDP
It is the layer 4 transport protocol and has no handshaking.

12. What is the number range of IPX access list?
The range is 800-899

13. Name the OSI Layer which helps ensure packet delivery.
Network layer.

14. How can you vary the routers boot sequence?
It can be done by boot system commands and config register.

15. Which hardware is necessary for broadcasts.
switch, repeater and bridge.

16. Important characteristics of PPP PAP Authentication.
Username and password is sent in clear text and The authentication controls remote node.

17. Which switching method is used to examine the destination MAC Address.
Cut through is the switching method used to examine it.

18. An important feature of RARP.
The full form of RARP is Reverse Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to start remote O/S load sequence.

19. Which protocol helps test the connectivity without configuration of layer 3 protocols?
CDP protocol

20. What is the use of IPX SAP?
It stands for Service Advertising Protocol and it is used to advertise services.
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