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important technical questions: cloud computing (Page 4)

Below are some important Cloud Computing interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

16.                What are the characteristics on which a Cloud Computing Model should be selected for implementing and managing workload?
Scalability is a characteristic of cloud computing through which increasing workload can be handled by increasing in proportion the amount of resource capacity. It allows the architecture to provide on demand resources if the requirement is being raised by the traffic. Whereas, elasticity is being one of the characteristic provide the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of large amount of resource capacity dynamically. It is measured by the speed by which the resources are coming on demand and the usage of the resources.

17.                What is the minimal requirement to implement an IAAS Cloud?
The minimal requirement to implement are basically three things:
 OS to support hypervisor or a hypervisor.
- Preferably open-source software like Linux and Xen hypervisor
Networking topology and implementation.
- Public Network or Private network with Level 3 Switch
Selection of cloud model as per requirement or business.
- SaaS, Software as a Service
- PaaS, Platform as a Service
- CaaS, Communication as a Service

18.                How is the Cloud Computing different from primitive Client-Server Architecture?
The primitive Client-Server architecture is a one-to-one communication between only two physical machines namely Client machine and Server machine (datacenter). Whereas the cloud computing, infrastructure is similar at the client side but varies at server-side. The server-side contains a main Cloud Controller that forwards the request to its worker machines known as Nodes. These nodes are a grid computing machines that dedicate all its resources to process application. These nodes are maintained in clusters. So a cloud computing infrastructure is quite complicated on server side that processes all the requests from clients and send the result back.

19.                Why should one prefer public cloud over private cloud?
The cloud technology is the best example of sustainable technology that utilizes all the computing resources. If a person needs to setup a quick business and wants to host its website, he need not require to setup a full-fledged private cloud. Rather he should go for public cloud hosting that provides different pay-per-use subscriptions, which could actually result in being economical. There are numbers of vendors that provide such services like etc.

20.                Is it cost effective to implement a private cloud rather than a public cloud and why?
It depends on the type of business that demands a cloud setup. Suppose if the subscription on a public cloud for an application that is to be deployed on OS images is proving to be more costly then to buy some new datacenters and maintain them. Then obviously the a private cloud has to be setup instead of a public cloud. This public clouds follow utility billing methodology as electricity bill for example.
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