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Basic Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers (Page 3)

Below are some important Cloud Computing interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11.                What is the requirement of virtualization platforms in implementing cloud?
Virtualization is the basis of the cloud computing and there are many platforms that are available like VMware is a technology that provides the provision to create private cloud and provide a bridge to connect external cloud with private cloud. There are three key features that have to be identified to make a private cloud that is:
- Cloud operating system.
- Manage the Service level policies
- Virtualization keeps the user level and the backend level concepts different from each other so that a seamless environment can be created between both.

12.                What is the use of eucalyptus in cloud computing environment?
Eucalyptus stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems and provides an open source software infrastructure to implement clusters in cloud computing platform. It is used to build private, public and hybrid clouds. It can also produce your own datacenter into a private cloud and allow you to extend the functionality to many other organizations. Eucalyptus provides APIs to be used with the web services to cope up with the demand of resources used in the private clouds.

13.                Is there any difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?
Mobile cloud computing uses the same concept but it just adds a device of mobile. Cloud computing comes in action when a task or a data get kept on the internet rather than individual devices. It provides users on demand access to the data which they have to retrieve. Applications run on the remote server, and then given to the user to be able to, store and manage it from the mobile platform.

14. What are the advantages of cloud services?
Some of the advantages of cloud service are given as follows:
Helps in the utilization of investment in the corporate sector; and therefore, is cost saving.
Helps in the developing scalable and robust applications. Previously, the scaling took months, but now, scaling takes less time.
Helps in saving time in terms of deployment and maintenance.

15.                Are Type-1 Hypervisors better in performance than Type-2 Hypervisors and Why?
Yes the Type-1 Hypervisors are better in performance as compared to Type-2 hypervisors because Type-1 hypervisors does not run through a host OS, they utilize all resources directly from Host hardware. In cloud implementation Type-1 hypervisors are used rather than Type-2 because Cloud servers need to run multiple OS images and it should be noted that if OS images are run on host a OS as in case of Type-2, the resources will get wasted.
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