Wednesday, 11 February 2015

CSS3 and HTML5 Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some important CSS3 interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

6. Explain about CSS1?

W3C recommended adoption of CSS1in 1996. Some of the capabilities and features present in CSS1 are as follows. 1) Font properties 2) Background colors, text colors, etc 3) Spacing between text, words, etc 4) Tables, images alignment 5) Border, margin, padding and positioning of elements 6) Attributes are uniquely identified and classified generically. W3C still adopts the specifications put forwarded in CSS1.

7.Explain about float containment?
CSS does not support float elements as it can cause overflow of the elements. Floats also tend to vary according to the web browser resolution and size but positions do not. There are some multiple properties which can define about float but they have their own limitations.

8.Explain about Internet explorer box model bug?
Designers had a very tough time dealing with this bug, because it will not display box widths appropriately on the webpage. It displayed the block to be narrow in size. This bug can be rectified by using CSS filter and hacks. Also correct usage and documentation of XHTML can solve the problems.

9.Explain about lack of orthogonality?
Lack of orthogonality explains about the various multiple jobs which are either undefined correctly for a specific application or used multiple times for the same job. CSS defines that internal elements of a table will not have margins so usage of border spacing is appropriate which leads to confusion.

10.Explain about the ease of maintenance with CSS
An effective style sheet has effective use of inheritance and cascading style sheets. When changes are applied to a single element of this global style sheet every element of the web page changes. This made the maintenance easy because here we can change the style of the whole page by effecting a change to a single element.
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