Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Advanced CSS3 Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Below are some important CSS3 interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11.Explain about the hover element?

A hover element is activated when the user moves a pointer over the area where HTML coding is defined. This style is being extensively used for online advertising. It is appended to #elementid.hover.

12.Explain about the rules present in style sheets?
A huge list of rules is defined for style sheets. Each rule consists of selectors and declaration block. A declaration block consists of declarations which can be defined and separated by using a semicolon within curly braces. Also each declaration consists of a colon, a property and a semicolon.

13.Explain about vertical control limitation?
Vertical control limitations are always a nightmare for a designer. Horizontal positioning of text or element is always easy but vertically positioning an element always leads to convoluted and impossible tasks. CSS has unsupported rules for vertical placement of elements.

14.State some of the uses of CSS?
CSS offers many possibilities to a designer and developer. Some of them are 1) Moving of the entire style sheet coding to a separate external folder. 2) Repetition and code reuse features make CSS rich. 3) Presentation and structure are made different by CSS etc.

15.State the different type of author styles?
A web page author, developer, designer, etc can describe styles in three different forms they are 1) External style sheets 2) Embedded style 3) Inline styles 4) Local and default style sheet. A default style sheet consists of the style imparted by the browser which the user is accessing for the information.
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