Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions And Answers pdf (Part2)

6. What role has the XFR function?
the purpose of this function is usually to store mappings and this is very useful because the rewriting of code takes time and the XFR spares us of this effort.

7. What difference does exist between Checkpoint and Phase?
What phasing does is deleting the intermediate (temporary) files before a new phase begins which is different from checkpointing. The checkpoints keep the temporary files until we finish the graph, so in case of failing we can restore the last good process. The phase doesn’t have this advantage.

8. How much memory do we need for a graph?
Some calculations lead to approximately eight MB plus the MAX_CORE and the phase file size.

9. How the term Standard Environment can be explained?
The Standard Environment is the type of environment with more than one project that is private and another public one.

10. What is the meaning of a DB config versus a CFG file?
The similarity between these two types is that they are both used for database connectivity. The difference is the usage in Informix Database of the CFG file type and the DB config files are used in SQL Server or Oracle.
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