Wednesday, 4 February 2015

25 TOP AB Initio Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the component that can be used to lower a file in size?
The components that can be used are Deflate and Compress.

2. Can a graph be infinitely run? If yes, how?
Yes it can, by calling the .ksh file in the end of the script.

3. What meaning has lock in Ab Initio?
A graph must be locked in order to give permission only to the developer for editing it or the objects that belong to the graph. When other users try to lock the graph they will be warned on the monitor that another user has already made a lock. This is a protection mechanism for developers.

4. What is the meaning of EME?
As the initials for Enterprise Meta Environment EME is a data repository or a version controller in AB Inition. It is capable of doing a lock and keeps track of graphs or other objects.

5. What possible errors we can receive from a graph execution?
The compilation errors in Ab Inition can appear when for example the output DML is not as the input DML.
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