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20 TOP Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some important Oracle Apps interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1. What is Multi Org Architecture?
The Multiorg Architecture is meant to allow multiple companies or subsidiaries to store their records within a single database.
The multiple Organization architecture allows this by partitioning data through views in the APPS schema. Multiorg also allows you to maintain multiple sets of books. Implementation of multiorg generally includes defining more than one Business Group.

2. How can I know if I am using Multi Org?
Run the SQL statement:
select multi_org_flag
from fnd_product_groups;
The result 'Y' means your database is setup for multiorg.

3. What are the relationships I can define in a multi org environment?
You define the relationships among inventory organizations, operating units, legal entities, Business Groups, and sets of books to create a multilevel company structure:
. Business Groups separate major segments of a business. Each can have it's own set of books. Each Group will also have a structure of other organizations classifications assigned to it.
• Legal Entities post to a Set of Books
• Operating Units are part of a Legal Entity
• Inventory Organizations are part of an Operating Unit
• Inventory Organizations define and maintain items used by other manufacturing modules (Order Entry, Purchasing, MRP, etc.). They also collect and pass data to the Financials modules.

4. I want to Setup Additional Organizations, do I have to setup Multiorg?
No, you do not need to setup multiorg. You do not have to be multi-org to have multiple organizations only if you intend to have multiple sets of books.

5. Is there any documentation on how to setup an organization?
A. • Refer to "Oracle Manufacturing Implementation Manual" part#A50765.
• Refer to "Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications" part#A58478 for Release 11 and part#50771 for Release 10.
• Also refer to note 76440.1 for Organization setup steps.
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