Saturday, 31 January 2015

TIBCO Web Services: Top Interview Questions and Answers

31.What activity can be used to set the value of a 'User defined process variable' ?
The 'Assign' activity can be used to set the value of a 'User defined process variable'.

32.Which are the two process variables available to all activities with inputs ?

33.Which mechanism can be used to pass data between a process instance and a called sub process other than mapping from/to the callee's input/output ?
This can be accomplished using job shared variables, unless in the call process activity the 'Spawn' flag is enabled in which case the called sub process is a new job and hence gets a fresh copy of the job shared variable initialized as per its configuration. A shared variable can overcome this limitation as it's scope is not limited to one job.

34.What are the three scenarios where BW engine has to be configured with database persistence instead of Local File ?
The three scenarios are:
Shared Variables across BW engines.
Locking across groups in multiple BW engines.
Wait Notify across BW engines.

35.If you want a group to be executed if there is some unhandled error but subject to some max number of iterations which group do you use ?
We can use Repeat on Error until true.
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