Saturday, 31 January 2015

Basic Tibco Interview Questions and Answers (Part8)

36.When is a 'Generate Error' activity useful?
When you handle an error inside a called subprocess or group and want to rethrow the error to the caller(happens by default if you dont handle the error in the called process)

37.Which activity is used for detecting duplicate message processing?
CheckPoint activity - Specify the uniqueID for the duplicate key field and engine maintains list of these key fields. When a process come to checkpoint activity with the same value for duplicate key which already exists, it throws a DuplicateException. An error transition can then handle this case.

38.Give an example where graceful migration of service from one machine to another is not possible.
HTTP Receiver. In this case the receiver on new machine starts listening on the same port, but you need to redirect requests from the old machine to the new one.

39.What are the types of adapter services ?
Types of adapter services are :
Subscriber Service
Publisher Service
Request-Response Service
Request-Response Invocation Service

40.If the business process needs to invoke another web service which resource do you use ?
SOAP request reply activity. If the business process needs to be exposed as SOAP service use SOAP Event Source in conjunction with SOAP Send Reply or SOAP Send Fault.
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