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SEO Part6 Interview Questions and Answers List

51. What is cloaking in SEO?
Clocking is method that have two different content for a separate URL. is is done for instance ranking of the site. it means, we get different content on site but search robots get different content on site. For example. if any body want to tell about the adult information ,or any illegal information on website, the write content for visitor about Adult or Illegal but tell the robots through good Keyword phrase or good anchor tag title tag or meta tag. because robots search the content through these. but visitor got wrong information about wishing result.Now you understand well with this example.

52. What is Google Bombing?
Google bombing is practice of  create a thousand of links for website that help to page ranking. it contain low quality link through Sub domain, low page rank link, and other adult links, it is done for comical and satirical purpose by some Special Group or organization. but is not good for website. After sometime Google banned like these link. it is also a black hat seo.because the links comes from unrelated keyword phrase or different theme website.

53. What is link farming in SEO?
Link farming is a technique that is done by A special group of websites that is developed for give link purpose to other website. it means it is a collection of links only, not Any detailed content on the is done by some Automatically generated link (java script) that occur automatic if any visitor visit the site. it is done by hand to by a group. it is done for instance ranking of the site, but is not good for Organic search. Search engine penalize like these link. so avoid this type technique.

54. What is keyword Stuffing in SEO.
Keyword stuffing means there are many keywords are used on website content for the ranking purpose. it is not good for Seo organic search result. After some time we penalized bu Search engine. So we should use less keywords phrases compare to Content. it is also a example of Black hat seo.

55. What Is Link Building? Explain Its Types And Which One Is Good?
The process of getting links from other relevant sites that points your website called link building. Link building in seo improves website ranking on search engine result pages (serps). The main purpose behind to do link building is to get top ranking on top search engines that can deliver huge traffics and crowd for a target website or web-pages .
In the early days when seo was just started initially, there were basically three types of link building:
One Ways Link Building Or Artificial Link Building
Two Ways Link Building Or Reciprocal Link Building
Three Way Link Building Or Link Exchange
But nowadays in this emerging digital marketing world it has changed almost a lot and today’s latest link building strategy does matter for getting high quality and most trusted backlinks to get top ranking on search engine result pages. e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Link Creation
Link Request
Link Attraction
For more detaile info about latest link building in seo, just click on it.

56. What Is Google Panda, Penguin, EMD, Hummingbird & Payday Loan (Spam) Algorithms?
Google Panda, Penguin, EMD, Page Layout, Hummingbird & Payday Loan are Google’s pagerank algorithms that vary often by Google itself to deliver expected search queries on its searches.
Explain it separately with their purposes and effects on search results on Google steps:
1) Google Panda: Rolled out in Feb 2011 and went global in April 2011 with purpose of lower the websites ranking of low quality & thin websites to return high quality websites rank on its search engine result pages (serps). Websites with high ad-to-content ratios and copied contents are considered as low quality sites. It affects 12 percent of search results.
2) Google Penguin: A webspam update in April 24, 2012 by Google and given the code name Penguin update that includes spamming factors such as keyword stuffing, un-relevant contents or links, number of artificial links etc. It affects 3.1 percent of English search queries.
3) EMD: Exact Match Domain updates introduce by Google in Sept. 27, 2012. It was basically for anchor text optimization. According to EMD, low quality exact match domains are not going to rank on Google search engine result page. It affected only 0.6 percent of English search queries on Google’s search results
4) Payday Loan: Google Payday Loan also known as Spam algorithm is for spammy query results at its searches. It is specifically for spam tactics or factors such as link building and spammy queries e.g. – Viagra, porn etc. Payday loan updates were took place by Google on June 11, 2013 with impacts of 0.3 percent of US queries.
5) Page Layout: On Jan 19, 2012 Google has launched page layout algorithm for too much ad-space above the fold of websites. With too much of heavy ads above the fold can be penalized or their ranking may goes own. The total impact was less than 1 percent on Google searches.
6) Hummingbird: Google unleashed this hummingbird algorithm on Sept. 26, 2013 on its 15th birth anniversary by claiming that Google search results can be more natural and in direct way in terms of understanding user intent at searches. Hummingbird update is the first major update since 2001, said by Amit Singhal, Google’s Search Chief. It affects 90 percent of websites ranking on searches globally.

57.  Differentiate Organic, Natural & Ethical SEO.
There is no difference between organic and natural seo except ethical. Organic or natural seo is to get quality traffic via ranking and its natural approach on serps.
Ethical seo is the process or techniques for search engine optimization and marketing using strategy, steps, technique or process defined by search engines like Google. It is also known as white hat seo.

58. What is Google Sandbox?
This is the place where the fresh and less authoritative sites were kept for a certain time period, till their establishment in the search results. This may happens due to the building of so many links within a short time span.

59. What are the limitations of title and description tags?
Title tag can be normally between 50-68 characters and Meta description tag can be around 140 – 150 characters.

60. How will you increase the Pagerank of a page?
To increase the page rank of your webpage, you must build more backlinks from high page rank websites and authority sites.
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