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Interview Questions and Answers for SEO(Part7)

61. How will you treat Web standards while optimizing a website?
I usually apply the web standards from the W3C while optimizing the webpage, which help that site to get more points from Google to improvise page rank.

62. What is 301 redirect?
It is a kind of process to redirect the user from an old page URL to a new page URL.

63. What is Cross Linking?
It is considered as one of the best strategy that can come in handy to yield high search engine rankings, by leveraging several domains owned by you.

64. What is Blog? why it is Important for Website? 
Blog is Very Important for Website, It is also like as website, We can say that blog is Sub site . We can share about our site and our view with user, It is just like electronic Diary where we save on line line data. We can share our knowledge and though before friends and all people of the world. Search Engine Also give performance of our blog if it is useful for other . Content should note be copy from other site.
Two famous website for blogging 1. Blogger 2. Word Press.
Other many site provide to create blog free. you can visit here The Top list of blogging Websites here. and create you own blog .

65. What is Classified Site? Why it is Important?
Classified sites are just like platform or place for advertisement ,when we want to Advertise our site our business site on net then it is very useful. User visit on site directly or indirectly from it. it is instant useful for site, we can see link or tittle of our site in Google search easily by it. but is is not durable, after some days or some month it is automatically deleted. but mention not it is very very useful for website or business. Some Classified website are following----,, Indiabackpage .com, Mango,,  etc.

66. What is Article ? Why it is Necessary for SEO?
Article is such a topics that Explain in depth of any Special Subjects. It describes in fresh and unique information. it explain about 400 to 600 words. it is very important for SEO point of view. It is always useful for Website page rank. it helps because Google gives credit to new and fresh content . Article is such a thing that fill this problem. We should write article in 4 -5 paragraph. The word which is used should be grammatically correct. The meaning of article should be clear view of specific topics. We should submit Article in high pr site because it shows instance improvement

67. What is Press Release? Why it is Important for SEO or website?
Press Release is just instance New about your website. Anything you update on your website, you can tell your visitors about your updated product or content  through press release. So we can say that press release such a content that describe the latest new about specific product or event or news. It is very useful for SEO point of view. because you introduce the visitors of your newly lunched product or other things. It helps to rank of site because it is new content for Google and unique for Search Engine. we should always write press Release  New Message about our products or website, content should be 400- 600 words. it should be grammatically correct and use Simple language because  all visitor can reads well and understand well what to say.

68. Tell me One URL short links site name ?

69. What do you know about Adsense?
Adsense is a web program conducted by Google that enables publishers of content websites to cater text, rich media, image, video advertisements automatically which are relevant to content of website and audience. These advertisement are included, maintained and sorted by Google itself and earn money either by per-click or per-impression basis.

70.  Can you define Adword?
Adword is referred as the main advertising product of Google which is useful to make appear your ads on Google and its partner websites including Google Search. This Google’s product offer PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising which is a primary module and incorporate a sub module CPC (Cost Per Click) where we bid that rate that will be charged only when the users click your advertisement. One another sub module is CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising where advertiser pay for a thousand impression on flat rate to publisher. In addition it also includes website targeted advertising of banner, text and rich-media ads. Moreover, the ad will appear especially to those people who are already looking for such type of product you are offering as well as offer to choose particular sites with geographical area to show your ads.
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