Thursday, 29 January 2015

Principles of Management Part4 Interview Questions and Answers

16. Explain different styles of leadership based on authority?
Explanation on
i. Autocratic
ii. Benevolent autocratic
iii. Democratic
iv. free rein

17. What are the different types of Communication? Discuss in detail all the above methods?
I Based on organization Structure:
1. upward Communication
2. Downward Communication
3. Horizontal Communication
4. Diagonal Communication
II Based on Mode of Communication:
1. Written Communication
2. Oral Communicatioin
3. Gesture
4. Audio Visual Communication

18. What is departmentation? What are the different bases of departmentation? 
Grouping related activities together is called departmentation.
1. Functions
2. Territory
3. Customers
4. Process
5. Product
6. Matrix

19. What are the functions of managers?
Planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling are the functions of management.

20. What is organizing? Explain line and staff relationship
Identification of activities, grouping related activities together, forming departments, providing authority and coordinating departmental
activities together
View Point of Line People
View Point of Staff
Nature of line and Staff
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